If we run together, we will CHASE away Diabetes!
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For the 4th year in a row, Chase and I have joined the American Diabetes Association and other advocates on Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress as we urge them to hear our pleas and solicit their support on issues surrounding diabetes.  This year, we have been invited again to make this journey--this time as Advocacy leaders for our state.  We will again, share our stories and invite them to take a stand with us as we explain our "Big Asks"--to make insulin more affordable, increase funding for diabetes research (we need a cure--enough is enough!), and to protect healthcare (B.O., where are you?!).  

This year, like last year, I am committing to reporting live from our Facebook and Instagram pages (@chaseawaydiabetes).

I look forward to sharing our success with you.  Keep us in your prayers!


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