If we run together, we will CHASE away Diabetes!
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World Diabetes Day

Being a Diabetes mom is hard and it sucks! I am tired of giving my son needles. I am tired of looking for creative ways to explain to him how having Diabetes is not always a bad thing because he is bringing awareness to this illness.  I am tired of fighting back tears while he's because he is tired of being different.  I am tired of jumping up in the middle of the night to check his blood sugar because I am scared it will drop too low while he's sleep and he stop breathing or have a seizure or worse, die.  I am tired of finding articles to explain what he body is going through so his teachers and staff at his school understand that some of those outbursts, he really can't help and sometimes I don't know what to do.  I am tired of falling asleep while his numbing cream is on his body and waking up to realize his blood sugar is HIGH and it's all my fault. I am tired of feeling guilty about missing his school nurse's phone call or interrupting work meetings.
Diabetes is a pain in the ass. 
It doesn't get the attention like breast cancer or aids or advocacy of physical impairments and it's hard. This is why I have made it my mission to raise awareness about Juvenile Diabetes and will continue to do so until there is a cure!
Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day and Type 3 families (families who don't have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes but are still affected by them) across the world will wear blue to help raise awareness.  Will you join us?  Please wear blue tomorrow and help us spread the word about Diabetes.  The more the world is aware, the easier it will be to live with it. 
Other ways you can help:
*Get a "CHASE away Diabetes" shirt and wear it proudly! (Proceeds benefit the CHASE away Diabetes Foundation)
*Become an advocate with the American Diabetes Association (www.diabetes.org) or make a donation in honor of Chase DuPont
*Become an advocate with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (www.jdrf.org) or make a donation in honor of Chase DuPont
*Donate to The CHASE away Diabetes Foundation
*Help us donate snacks and supplies to Camp Freedom (ADA's week long overnight camp) in June 2017
*Volunteer with The CHASE away Diabetes Foundation's holiday giveback (this December) or Back to School Festival (August 2017)

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