If we run together, we will CHASE away Diabetes!
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CHASE away Diabetes

What do you do after hearing "Your son has diabetes."? Cry. Pray. Scream. Become fearful. Realize your life has permanently changed.

All of the above...but more.

You become his advocate.  You teach him to become his own advocate.  You learn, teach your son, and teach your family how to manage his life with diabetes.  You will NEVER hear me say my son is diabetic.  That's because, he has diabetes...it does NOT have him!

Chase was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 3 on August 21, 2011 at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Living with Type 1 means his pancreas does not produce the insulin it needs for him to survive and thus he is insulin dependent.  Contrary to popular belief, he does not have dietary restrictions BUT he must calculate the carbohydrates he consumes and receive insulin to cover them. This also means that we always travel with "luggage", a bag that includes his test kit, emergency juice and snacks, and extra supplies--just in case.  More painfully, it means that despite his tears and "Mommy, please don't give me a needle", I have to turn my head, wipe my own tears, and put on a brave face for the both of us.

Chase and I started this foundation in 2012 after his 4th birthday to raise awareness about this illness and help other families like ours.  The products on this page support the foundation and its mission.



Please help us CHASE away Diabetes!