If we run together, we will CHASE away Diabetes!
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If we run together...

The CHASE away Diabetes Foundation, founded by mother & son (its namesake), was developed in 2012 on the one year Diaversary (Diabetes Anniversary) of Chase's Type 1 diagnosis.  Since then, we have been committed to helping families just like us.

Your visit to our page today has brought us one step closer to raising awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and living with it.  We believe the more aware the world is about Diabetes, the easier it will be to live with as we search for a cure.  Please share our website with someone else!

Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is a chronic illness that is a result of a person's pancreas not producing insulin, which is what our bodies need to get energy from the food we consume.  Although it's called "Juvenile" diabetes, adults and children alike can be diagnosed at any age.  There are no discovered causes but there are beliefs that genetic factors and the environment may play a part. However, you cannot prevent it.

The goal of our The CHASE away Diabetes Foundation is to raise awareness through our blog posts, fundraisers, advocacy, and more!  Thank you for taking this journey with us...our work has just begun!


If we run together, we will CHASE away Diabetes!

 *Chase and his best friend, Chase.